Cale Patenaude
Cale is one of the UM ESports head coaches that has been integral to the success of the program. He works tirelessly to create a positive environment for all the players and assistant coaches alike.
James Stauder
As a software engineer, Jimmy works hard writing software and solving problems which makes him an excellent asset helping players achieve their full potential and not be afraid to work through the tough times when the competition is fierce. Jimmy is another head coach who bring out the very best in all the players and there for them as a guide and a mentor.
Andy Spillman
Andy came to us from a faraway place to come coach our teams as an expert on shooters and streaming. Coming from a professional Halo 2/Starcraft 1 player now leads our Apex and Rocket League players to victory with unique insight!
Kait Weis
Our administrative director, Kait takes care of all the interns, scheduling, and keeps the coaches/head coaches sane
Ryan Knowles
Ryan is our incredible broadcasting director who leads by example and is always looking for new ways to make our broadcast experience better and mentoring students along the way.